RAM Inspections is a residential home inspection company that opened here in Hawaii and has been proudly servicing the entire Island of Oahu since 2008. We constantly strive to provide the most comprehensive, informative, fairly priced inspections along with reports offering a vast amount of resources and educational information.  


Home inspections are visual based non-invasive observations of the general systems and components of the home. They help identify safety issues along with items in need of immediate repair and items which may need repair in the future. Inspections are generally performed when a buyer enters into escrow for the purchase of a home, however it is not uncommon for sellers or owners to have them performed as well.


RAM Inspections has made the commitment to perform the highest quality inspections, while providing expert professionalism, honesty and ethics. And at the same time, making the inspection process as un-intimidating and enjoyable for clients as possible. Reports are, in most cases delivered the same day and if not, always guaranteed within 24hrs. We look forward to working with you and are sure that you'll like the service we provide.

Before I can tell you about myself, I must first tell you about my mentor, Ron Massey. Ron was a General Contractor in Oregon who became a home inspector over 20yrs ago. He was the Owner and Operator of RAM Inspection in Oregon before expanding to Oahu. His personally trained replacement to this day is still one of the most trusted names in the Oregon Home Inspection industry. After 7 years here on the island, when he started thinking of retiring, he did not want the RAM tradition to end.  


So before passing on the torch, again, Ron wanted me to get certified.  I went to, and graduated from, Kaplan's ITA School of Home Inspection. Then in addition to schooling I spent months of hands on training with Ron himself, shadowing him on all types of home inspections. Learning the trade first hand was invaluable, especially in the Home Inspection Industry. Then in turn, Ron spent months shadowing my inspections, making sure the expert professionalism of RAM Inspections would carry on. 


Before deciding to become a Home Inspector I was a Property Manager for a firm handling approximately 400 properties.  Over the years I regularly preformed move in/out inspections and quarterly inspections of rental units, and had performed thousands of inspections. I realized that while the scope of my inspections differed from Ron's, our ultimate goal remained the same. To inspect the property thoroughly, find repairs that need to be made, and to suggest preventative maintenance measures that should be done, all in order to  protect the current or potential home owner. 


Prior to property management, I spent almost 10 years designing and installing custom media rooms for luxury homes in 16 states and 6 countries. 

Certified Home Inspector
Charles Haverty

"Inspecting Hawaii one home at a time..."