Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Home Inspection required before closing?

Residential home inspections are not required, but they are beneficial to prospective buyers. Home inspections are an unbiased way to identify any potential risks, the need for repairs, and learn about proper maintenance that is needed from the foundation to the roof.


To us, it doesn’t matter if you close the sale or not, what does matter is that you know what you are getting into.

Do you work for/with real estate agents?

No. RAM Inspections is a neutral third party typically hired by potential buyers to identify existing problems before they commit to purchasing a property.


Realtors may recommend our services, but that is because they are interested in fully protecting their clients and trust that we will uncover any issues that may be of concern.


Realtor Magazine even noted that home inspections are a huge factor in reducing stress for both the realtor and potential buyers.

Can we be present during the inspection?

Of course you are welcome to be present during the Home Inspection. Often times you have only seen the property once before putting in an offer and usually it's only for a brief period of time. While the inspection is going on it's a great time for you to get a real good look at the property.


If you have any areas of special concern please make the inspector aware, but please understand that distracting them during the inspection only takes their attention off of the property you have hired them to inspect.


Whether or not you are present for the inspection, it is always recommended that you be there (if possible) in person at the end for the summary. Although our reports are easy-to-read and involve pictures, it’s best to personally show you the findings and answer any questions right then and there.

What type of inspection report do you provide? How soon after the inspection will we receive it?

RAM Inspections is proud to provide one of Industry's finest reports. From the inspection agreement to final report we have switched to an all digital format (literally saving thousands of pieces of paper per year.) The report is in PDF format and it is cloud based, which means it can be viewed and downloaded from any device with internet access. The report is easy-to-read, easily navigated and is also full of hyperlinks for more detailed info on various components of the home. Not only that but along with the report, clients will recieve a FREE HOME REFERENCE GUIDE containing over 450 illustrated pages describing every component of the home from the roof to the foundation and everything in-between.


In most cases the report will be available the same day as the inspection was performed, and if not it is still guaranteed within 24hrs. A sample report can be viewed by clicking the link below.


RAM Inspections Sample Report

Do you walk on the roof and go into the attic? Do you actually enter the crawlspace?

Do you check the appliances?

There are Standards of Practice which outline what an inspector is required to inspect and how, it also outlines what the inspector is not required to inspect. Some inspectors use certain aspects of these standards to basically skip inspecting certain things.


Every accessible roof is walked on. There are always certain roofs which are inaccessible due to height or made from materials which are easily damaged when walked upon. That is why we have a drone equipped with full 1080p HI-DEF camera, there is no roof we can't properly inspect. We also enter every accessible attic. Some attic spaces are too small to safely move through without damaging finishes and some are completely filled air conditioning duct work, but if there is an access hatch it will be opened and inspected.


We don't mind sweating in attics and we don't mind getting dirty in crawlspaces. We have protective gear to sheild ourselves from the elements and we don't charge extra! A home inspection includes inspecting the foundation, whether it's slab-on-grade or not. And any inspector charging more for a crawlspace is not following the Standards of Practice for home inspectors.


According the Standards of Practice home ispectors are not required to check free standing appliances. On the mainland most homes are sold without washers, dryers, refrigerators, ranges and dishwashers but it's not the same here on Oahu. The majority of real estate sales here include the appliances so as curtosey to clients all applicances are run through a cycle and test to ensure they function properly.



Are you licensed and insured?

Hawaii happens to be a state which, for some reason, does not require a license to be a Home Inspector. That also means there is no license that is issued by the State, but that does not mean we are not certified.


All inspectors at RAM Inspections are held to a higher standard than most, they have graduated from Kaplan's Inspector Training Association, they are certified members of the International Associtaion of Certified Home Inspectors, which requires continuing eductaion yearly to maintain an active membership and they have all apprenticed under a veteran Home Inspector for a minimum of 100 inspections before coming on board as an active inspector. 


All inspectors are also covered under the Errors & Ommissions and General Liability policy held with InspectPro Insurance, with $1,000,000 in coverage for both. And although we carry this policy as a precaution, we have yet to and strive to never make a claim.

"Inspecting Hawaii one home at a time..."